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How to Measure Influencer Campaign Performance
20 Jun 2024

How to Measure Influencer Campaign Performance

Learn how to measure the success of your influencer campaigns beyond surface-level metrics. Craft pr...
    Guides Influencer Marketing
The Power of Automatic Influencer Marketing Reports
05 Jun 2024

The Power of Automatic Reports in Influencer Marketing

How to collect and analyze campaign data properly? It doesn’t seem challenging in theory, but it pre...
    Influencer Marketing Technology
Tracking Influencer Content
15 Apr 2024

Tracking Influencer Content Across Different Platforms

Managing an influencer campaign requires a lot of effort and time to track and analyze influencer co...
    Influencer Marketing Guides
09 Apr 2024

Influencer Audience Authenticity: Why It Matters More Than Follower Count

Follower count isn't a key when it comes to influencer campaigns. A high number can be a misleading ...
    Influencer Marketing Influencers
10 Key Metrics to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
26 Mar 2024

10 Key Metrics to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

In influencer marketing, success goes beyond catchy content and cool collaborations. If you want to ...
    Influencer Marketing
Find Influencers Easily with the New Influencer Discovery Search
29 Feb 2024

Find Influencers Easily with the New Discovery Search Tool

Finding the perfect influencers for your campaign can be a bit of a puzzle. With millions of influen...
    Influencer Marketing Software Influencers
Companion Rebranding
01 Feb 2024

Meet the Brand New Companion: We Go Purple!

Welcome to the next era of Companion! We're thrilled to share a significant milestone in our journey...
Influencer Marketing for Gen Z
08 Nov 2023

Influencer Marketing for Gen Z

Born into a world of constant connectivity and information overload, Gen Z has emerged with a differ...
    Influencer Marketing
How to Use AI in Influencer Marketing
05 Oct 2023

How to Utilise AI in Influencer Marketing

AI offer fresh opportunities for brands to collaborate with creators in both creative and operationa...
    Guides Technology AI
Influencer Profiles
26 Sep 2023

New Interface: Influencer Profiles

All of us at Companion are happy to announce that we have made a massive update to simplify and impr...
    Software New Feature
Tracking Threads Influencer Campaigns
13 Sep 2023

Testing and Tracking Threads Campaigns

Threads, a platform on a remarkable growth journey, keeps everyone guessing about its destiny. Despi...
    New Feature Platforms
Check Influencers for Fake Followers on Instagram
30 Aug 2023

How to Check Influencers for Fake Followers on Instagram

Fake followers are a prevalent issue within the influencer marketing industry. Since the primary aim...
    Guides Platforms Influencer Marketing
Footballers Follower Growth During WWC 2023
25 Aug 2023

Social Media Triumph of WWC 2023 Football Players – Full Report

Over the last month, the world closely followed the intense football competition – the Women’s World...
    Data Stories News
Tracking Performance of Influencer Marketing Campaigns
31 Jul 2023

How to Track the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Without a doubt, influencer marketing has proven to be a highly efficient channel compared to other ...
    Guides Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing Trends
10 Jul 2023

5 Trends Shaping Influencer Marketing

Whether you are an old hand in influencer marketing or new to this field, it’s crucial to be aware o...
    Trends Influencer Marketing

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