Real-Time Analytics

Monitor Campaign Results

A live feed of your campaign's vital stats, all neatly organised in one dashboard. See what's clicking and tweak things on the fly. It's like having your very own dynamic control hub!

Monitor Influencer Campaign Results

Real Time Analytics

Keep an eye on your campaign's progress and ensure it aligns with your business goals. Influencer marketing has never been this clear.

Influencer Performance

Get the nitty-gritty on every influencer's impact.

Influencer campaign performance table

Post performance

Spot the top and bottom-performing posts, and make quick adjustments.

Influencer Post performance table

30+ Campaign Metrics

Break it down with simple, understandable numbers.

Campaign metrics image

Analysis by platform

Find out which platforms are rocking this campaign.

Influencer campaign analytics by social platform

Align influencer campaigns with your business goals

Use data to make savvy decisions and see tangible returns on your investments.

Reach Influencer campaign goals

Dashboard download

One click to save big data in CSV - no more wasting time on number crunching!

Export influencer campaign reports

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