Content Tracking

Auto-Capture Influencer Content

Whether it's a bunch of stories, posts, videos, or whatever influencers cook up during your campaign, we've got it all covered. We'll grab every bit of content, even if they forget to tag your brand!

Track Influencer Content

Content Tracking

It's the most tedious task during a campaign. Free up your time using auto-tracking and ensure every mention is accurately captured. No more screenshots!

All content formats across major platforms

Companion captures every single piece of influencer content.

All content formats across major platforms Gradient blur

Feed-Like Layout

All content is neatly organised in one place and easy to review.

Feed Like influencer content layout

Content Download

Save influencer content individually or all at once with just one click.

Influencer content download with once click

Content Performance

Easily monitor impressions and engagements without breaking a sweat.

Influncer Content Performance data

No more screenshots

Say goodbye to manual content tracking and enjoy a stress-free experience.

No more manual content tracking

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