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Companion Influencer Campaign Management Tool

Perfect for agencies

Keep track of and deliver seamless influencer campaigns for all of your clients and free your team from repetitive data entry.

Ideal for brands

Manage relationships with macro and micro influencers and give oversight to stakeholders for all your influencer activity.

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How does it work?


Fill Companion with your influencers and customise what matters to you.
Filter hundreds of influencers to cherry pick the right person for each campaign.

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Say goodbye to screenshotting content – Companion will capture all influencer content produced for your campaigns across Instagram, YouTube and others.

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Companion brings you the granularity and verifiable performance data that you’ve come to expect from other digital marketing channels.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

Companion is specialised for Influencer Marketing

Built by experts

Always trust a fat chef! We use Companion ourselves to deliver influencer campaigns for global brands.

We care as much about how easy Companion is to use as how simple it is to set up, because we use it every day too. And so do multinational agencies.


Because we only serve influencer marketers, Companion can focus on breaking new ground.

Get ahead of the 2020 trends for large scale micro-influencer campaigns, anti-fraud, and data compliance, and know we’ll get you ready for 2021 too.

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