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Effortlessly Run Influencer Campaigns & Track Content

  • Influencer discovery & audience insights
  • Live dashboards & instant reporting
  • Auto-capture campaign content
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Built by award winning influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy

We are our first customer and use this tool every day to manage our own campaigns.

  • Capture content automatically, including Instagram Stories
  • View campaign results via live dashboards
  • Export reports at the click of a button
  • Discover influencers and understand their audience

Companion saves users 95% of their time

The more you need to track, the more time you save with Companion.

Over a two week campaign with 50 influencers, we estimate it takes 40 working hours to manually track content, collating results, and creating a campaign report. It takes just 2 hours with our influencer marketing tool.

Improve campaign performance at every stage with comprehensive data

Analyse influencers’ stats, campaign metrics and content performance in one click using our software.

  • Highly detailed influencer demographic insights help make more informed talent decisions
  • Detailed live dashboards monitor campaign performance both during and after
  • Create great-looking campaign summary reports with a single click

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