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Companion influencer content track
Companion influencer content track

Capture Everything

Every post that’s part of your campaign is saved in one place so you know who’s published what, where and when.

Filter Your Content

Companion pulls your content into a feed which you can filter by campaign. Great for seeing your own hard work come to life.

Share Activity

Use Companion to show your campaigns to stakeholders and report activity to clients in a beautiful and clear way.

Custom Analytics

Companion influencer analytics
Companion influencer analytics

Tailor Your Dashboard

Companion’s customisable dashboard tracks performance at a granular level. You’ll measure influencer campaigns as rigorously as your other channels.

Built For Teams

Companion is designed to improve the visibility of your activity. No more asking colleagues for stats, now everyone can see everything they need.

Analyse & Optimise

Companion compiles the important stats so you can focus on what you want to optimise, for example engagement, reach, Benchmark Value or ROI.

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