Audience Insights

Vet Influencers & Detect Fake Followers

You’ll get super-detailed reports on influencers' audiences and content, so you can steer clear of any bad matches. We've got your back!

Vet Influencers with precision

Audience Insights

One out of four influencers has bought fake followers, and approximately 49% engage in follower fraud. Guard your campaign!

Audience Authenticity

Spot fake followers, check audience credibility, and see who's truly reachable.

Audience authenticity

Demographic Report

Essential info to ensure the match with your campaign goals.

Influencer Demographic reports

Activity and Performance

Activity and Performance

Influencer activity and performance tiktok, youtube and instagram Gradient blur

Brand Affinity

Explore past collabs to find what resonates with influencers and their followers.

Influencer advertising brand affinity

Sponsored Posts

What they've been promoted and how it all panned out.

Sponsored posts cards

Lookalike Influencers

Find influencers with similar vibes based on interests and audience.

Find lookalike influencers

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