PR Tracking & Reporting

Tracking PR Activities

Enhance your PR efforts with accurate data collected automatically by Companion, and generate beautifully designed reports in just one click.

PR Tracking & Reporting

PR Tracking & Reporting

Companion effortlessly monitors brand mentions, gifted product placements, and event coverage across major social media platforms.

Influencer Vetting

Access essential influencer stats to ensure alignment with your PR campaign goals.

Earned Media Value

Determine the value of branded content created by your community.

Real-Time Analytics

Downloadable dashboard with live campaign metrics for immediate insights.

Mentions & Content Tracking

Various PR activities, one tool for tracking. Including Instagram Stories!

Instant PR Reports

Well-designed reports with key campaign results in Google Slides.

Flexible Plans

Use Companion for one-off activations or regular monthly PR activities. We'll create a perfect plan for you!

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