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Frequently Asked Questions

Companion is designed to do the most time - consuming work of several additional team members, saving you a significant amount of working

Companion will help you run influencer marketing campaigns, whether you work in a young startup with a small team or in a huge agency with numerous clients. We’ll help you pick the right pricing tier to meet your needs and budget.

Nano is a perfect plan for those who work with up to 20 influencers and want to streamline their tracking and influencer discovery search, without paying for unnecessary features. It works great for businesses that are just getting started with influencer marketing and need an experienced hand to assist.

Micro is the most popular Companion pricing tier, as it is designed to do the job of several team members and optimize the working processes throughout the campaign. It is ideal for small businesses with minimal teams and budgets but greater ambition in influencer marketing!

Macro is a plan for experienced teams who have already scaled influencer marketing and are running campaigns regularly. They can use Companion to optimize and manage their processes, significantly saving the working hours of the team.

Didn’t find a suitable plan? We’re happy to make a bespoke offer for you.

Fill out the form for the Tailor-Made Plan, and we’ll contact you to learn more about your needs and expectations. Together we’ll create a perfect feature setup for you!

Yes, you can! Just speak to our team when you feel the need to add something else to your pricing plan, and we’ll help you asap.

Not to mention that we’re constantly developing new functionality on our platform. We’ll notify you when new features are live so that you can choose whether to add them to your account or not.

Depending on different occasions, you may need to increase certain limits in your plan during busy periods. We created a convenient system of bolt-ons that help you make one-time increases without upgrading your plan in general.

This way, you can get more credits for tracking, influencer search and discovery. Just contact us when you need more features!

No, you can use our monthly billed plans! However, if you are looking for a long-term partnership with Companion, we’d recommend you go for the annual subscription and receive up to 25% off the price.

No, you have no obligations during the free trial, and you are free to stop after 14 days. We’ll contact you closer to that date to find out if you want to continue with us, and that’s when we’ll need your bank details to enrol you in the chosen plan.

Tracking is our main feature, which allows you to automatically capture all pieces of content created by influencers during your campaign.

Set the criteria for branded content, define the list of influencers involved in the campaign and watch how Companion collects mentions in a feed, saving their performance and letting you download all assets in one click.

Our tool can track and save branded content published on Instagram (including stories), TikTok, YouTube (including Shorts), and Twitter.

Influencer Discovery Search means access to our database of 130M influencers worldwide. We created advanced filters, so you can set detailed criteria for influencers you’d like to collaborate with, and even use AI tools to search for creators with specific aesthetics you need.

The live dashboard shows your campaign performance in real-time, allowing you to keep track of progress and make crucial tweaks urgently. We collect over 50 metrics for you to evaluate the campaign’s success.

Whenever you need to create a campaign report, you can use our Instant Reports feature, which enables you to get well-designed extensive reports with just one click. Imagine how many hours you can save with this magic!

You can choose from different templates depending on the level of detail you need, and (our favourite) customise reports to match your branding using the right colours and fonts. Obtain reports in Google Slides and download them as PDFs.

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