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Woman holding bag stood on rocks by the sea, with small boats on a dock
16 Sep 2021

How Much is an Influencer Post Worth?

Influencer marketing has enjoyed an estimated 50% year on year spend increase since 2016 – there’s n...
    Guides Influencer Marketing
Three different cameras on a table
22 Jan 2022

How to Effortlessly Track Influencer Content

Companion makes it incredibly easy to capture influencer content across multiple platforms for diffe...
    Guides Influencer Marketing Technology
Social Media platform icons on iOS device homescreen
03 Feb 2022

Exploring Influencer Discovery and Demographics

Expanding an influencer roster beyond a tried and tested cohort can be a time consuming and haphazar...
    Influencer Marketing Guides
How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand
31 Oct 2022

How To Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is now one of the most trendy and performing tools for promoting your brand and...
    Guides Influencer Marketing Platforms
Micro-influencers and how to work with them
30 Mar 2023

Micro-Influencers: The Driving Force of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, and it’s no longer as straightforward as it was a few y...
    Trends Influencer Marketing Guides
Boost Engagement Rates on Brands Instagram Profiles
20 Apr 2023

5 Tips for Brands to Boost Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands to build their community, improve customer sentiment, and ge...
    Guides Platforms Influencer Marketing
Influencer Outreach Guide
06 Jun 2023

Influencer Outreach: Step-by-Step Guide + Templates

Every influencer marketing campaign starts with a successful pitch. How you reach influencers with y...
    Guides Influencer Marketing
Tracking Performance of Influencer Marketing Campaigns
31 Jul 2023

How to Track the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Without a doubt, influencer marketing has proven to be a highly efficient channel compared to other ...
    Guides Influencer Marketing
Check Influencers for Fake Followers on Instagram
30 Aug 2023

How to Check Influencers for Fake Followers on Instagram

Fake followers are a prevalent issue within the influencer marketing industry. Since the primary aim...
    Guides Platforms Influencer Marketing
How to Use AI in Influencer Marketing
05 Oct 2023

How to Utilise AI in Influencer Marketing

AI offer fresh opportunities for brands to collaborate with creators in both creative and operationa...
    Guides Technology AI
Tracking Influencer Content
15 Apr 2024

Tracking Influencer Content Across Different Platforms

Managing an influencer campaign requires a lot of effort and time to track and analyze influencer co...
    Influencer Marketing Guides

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