Exploring Influencer Discovery and Demographics


February 03, 2022

Expanding an influencer roster beyond a tried and tested cohort can be a time consuming and haphazard task. Options are limited – on the Instagram app itself, there is the ‘Suggested for you’ drop down which throws out similar accounts to the one you’re currently viewing, and then there’s searching through tags on the app’s Explore tab, but beyond these, there isn’t much to supercharge your efforts.

Moreover, when you do then come across an Instagram account you like the look of – their interests align with your brand and they have a good engagement rate – it’s impossible to know about their audience, which is absolutely key to fully appraising suitability. Traditionally, at this point, you’d need to reach out to ask them about their audience.

However, there is another way. By using an AI-powered influencer tool, it is possible – at the click of a button – to search a database of millions of influencers with your chosen criteria, therefore offering relevant influencers for your perusal. Filters include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Audience Type
  • Language
  • Other brand mentions in main feed posts

You can then quickly drill down into an influencer’s stats to instantly get an accurate estimate of their audience demographics, thereby arming you with the information required to make initial screening much more productive, and make informed decisions.

Companion’s influencer discovery database exceeds 20 million profiles, probably the largest influencer database out there! You can search through 12M+ Instagram, 4M+ YouTube, and 4M+ TikTok accounts, so there’ll be plenty of inspiration for sure.

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