How to Utilise AI in Influencer Marketing


October 05, 2023

AI offer fresh opportunities for brands to collaborate with creators in both creative and operational processes. It’s revolutionising how we find inspiration, create content, edit it, and manage routine tasks during campaigns.

Everyone recognises that it’s time to start incorporating AI. Let’s now delve into how exactly we can leverage it in influencer marketing.

According to a recent study by Lightricks, 56% of responding creators mention that brands have encouraged them to use AI in their content. The majority (71%) also report that their followers respond positively to AI-generated content on their pages.

AI for Inspiration

One of the most popular AI tools nowadays, ChatGPT, has eradicated the fear of facing a blank page. Whenever we struggle to kick off the creative process, we turn to ChatGPT, and a blank page transforms into one brimming with numerous ideas backed by facts.

In influencer marketing, where creativity intersects with business goals, AI aids in ideation and strategy formation. No matter how highly skilled your creative team is, they can undoubtedly boost their performance by using AI tools to ignite their imagination.

AI image generation tools like Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and others have expanded the horizons of creativity and elevated human expression. This allows us to contemplate content on an entirely new level, generating ideas that were once beyond our grasp.

Content Generation for Influencer Campaigns

This is perhaps the most rigorously tested and widely used function of AI at present. Listing all the features that AI can support in terms of content generation, would be an endless task. Beyond image creation, this encompasses copywriting, translation and localization, 3D modelling, animation, video editing, sound design (background music, sounds and voice-overs), storyboarding, conceptualization and much more.

AI-powered tools have mastered the art of generating unique and imaginative content that captivates the audience while delivering on brands’ goals. Leading brands are actively integrating AI into their campaigns by collaborating with AI creators.

This is just the beginning. We’re bound to witness even more AI-generated content in brand advertising in the near future. Therefore, we strongly recommend testing it in your campaigns!

Predictive Trend Analysis

AI’s capacity to forecast trends in influencer marketing is a game-changer. By analysing vast amounts of global data, AI can detect emerging patterns and behaviours that might not be immediately evident to human analysts.

Historical data on content performance, audience engagement, and consumer behaviour empower AI to pinpoint which types of content resonate most with specific audiences. AI algorithms excel at recognizing intricate patterns and correlations, especially in time-dependent data. This is particularly valuable for predicting shifts in consumer preferences, which is vital for staying ahead in influencer marketing.

Tools like Brandwatch or Google Trends are excellent starting points to explore social listening and trend prediction.

Influencer Discovery

Every campaign begins with the search for suitable influencers among the multitude of creators worldwide. This task could take days or even weeks if done manually. AI-powered influencer marketing platforms streamline this process, making it significantly easier, faster and more accurate.

With automated search and filtering, you can set criteria for influencers you’d like to collaborate with and receive a list of perfectly suited creators within a couple of minutes. These criteria can encompass both business-centric and conceptual elements. You can filter creators based on their performance, engagement rates, benchmark media value, and even set criteria for their content or profile aesthetics if you have something specific in mind.

For instance, Companion offers an AI Visual Search feature in addition to classic filters. Simply upload a piece of content you like, or that you think would work best for your campaign, and the tool will provide you with a list of influencers who create content in a similar style. Additionally, if you already have an ideal influencer in mind in terms of audience, content, performance metrics and profile topic, you can mention them in the Discovery Tool and receive a list of similar creators.

Companions Discovery Tool

Vetting Influencers and Checking For Fake Followers

A task that would be nearly impossible to do manually, but is accomplished with just two clicks using AI-powered tools.

Influencer marketing platforms have mastered the art of providing comprehensive analyses for any influencer you might consider for your campaign. They offer insights into audience authenticity, engagement rates, brand affinity and numerous other crucial stats that were previously unavailable to influencer marketing managers.

These days, checking this analytics isn’t just a “nice to have” but rather a “must do” for any brand looking to cut through the noise of influencer campaigns and reach the right audience without wasting budgets.

With the same tool, you can efficiently vet influencers in just a couple of clicks by downloading an extensive demographics report. This can elevate your campaign to a whole new level.

Companion Influencer Tools

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