Influencer Discovery & Insights

  • Find the perfect fitting influencers for your campaign
  • Vet their followers, content and stats
  • Get extensive data about their audience behaviour
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This easy-to-use tool helps you find the right influencers to work with across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok from a database of millions.

Detailed Filters & Similar Influencers

Specify criteria for both influencers and their audiences, using location, demographics, engagement rates and activity on the platforms. Name your perfect influencer, and we’ll find a list of people with alike audiences and interests.

AI-Powered Visual Influencer Search 

This feature allows you to find influencers based on the aesthetics and content they post. You just need to upload images you like, and our AI engine will show you influencers with similar posts.


Your chance to get the extensive dossier for the influencers you’re interested in cooperating with and their audiences.

​​Audience Demographics

Powered by AI feature, will provide you with demographic characteristics of influencers’ audiences, income, interests and even the brands they prefer.

Content Analysis

Check the most popular topics, hashtags, posts and Reels of the influencers, including the list of their sponsored posts.

Brand Affinity

Check influencers’ and audiences’ brand affinity to find common points and avoid overlapping with your competitors.


Detect fraudulent behaviour and ensure you engage with influencers who have built authentic profiles.

Audience Quality Score

Find out the % of bots vs real people among the influencers’ followers and evaluate the genuine performance potential of their profiles

Suspicious Follower Growth

Check for suspicious jumps in their follower growth that may indicate the load-up of followers or low-quality audience growth

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