How to Effortlessly Track Influencer Content


January 22, 2022

Companion makes it incredibly easy to capture influencer content across multiple platforms for different types of activations.

Gifting campaigns and events are some of the most effective ways of generating organic social content. Data from our partner influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy shows that, on average, 60% of influencers who are gifted post content with a 450% return on the costs of the campaign. It’s a similarly high ratio for events too.

Having gone to the hard work of creating these Instagrammable moments, almost just as important is capturing the resulting content posted by the influencers – when it comes to the post campaign wrap report, quite simply the more content captured, the more successful the activation will be deemed.

The good news is, there’s tech out there to help, and Companion provides an easy, affordable and reliable solution.

How does it work? Prior to the activation, simply add the influencers’ social URLs into your Companion login, and assign them to a campaign along with any prescribed keywords (e.g. @nike or #nike), and that’s it. From that point forward, their content is being tracked leaving you to focus on more important tasks than checking multiple influencers’ accounts.

As soon as the influencers post IG Stories, IG main feeds, TikTok, Twitter or Youtube content using the keyword (e.g. @nike), Companion automatically saves and categorises this content as relevant and collates, and if any content is posted without your campaign keyword, this is saved for it to be manually assigned at a later date. So nothing is missed.

No more screenshots… no more missed content.

All this campaign content is collated into a live dashboard which shows a summary of key metrics such as average engagement rate, estimated reach and estimated impressions. Auto create a PDF report summarising the campaign and content at the click of a button, plus download the raw (mp4 and jpeg) campaign content at the click of a button for safe keeping or any other purposes.

Value add content can sometimes – quite unexpectedly – follow in subsequent weeks. This is particularly at risk of being missed if a manual checking approach has been adopted. However, because Companion continues to track all the influencers content, this extra fail safe means nothing will be missed.

Once sufficient time has been given to capture influencer content for the activation, simply untrack the influencers, and begin tracking the next cohort ready for the next one.

A testimonial from the Luxocttica PR team gives a real life use case:

“Companion has been a game-changer for us when it comes to monitoring influencers and campaigns. Having to save and record all coverage manually was time-consuming and tedious, so being able to simply track, download all coverage seamlessly has completely changed the way we use influencer marketing … Can’t imagine working on a campaign without it now!”

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