New Interface: Influencer Profiles


September 26, 2023

All of us at Companion are happy to announce that we have made a massive update to simplify and improve your experience with our influencer profiles page. We’ve given our interface an upgrade and added some exciting new features! Take a closer look at our new user journey.

Smooth & User-Friendly Experience

You can now find all major information about influencers directly in their profiles quickly and easily. We’ve added crucial audience stats to the overview screen, so you can evaluate influencers at a glance. As you scroll down, you’ll find detailed stats by platform, granular audience demographics, and content previews; with an option to download an extensive, 20+ page demographic report on your chosen platform.

We’ve also made the Content tab more informative and easy to digest, by adding filters and stats at the top. It allows you to automatically find the type of content particularly interesting for your brand.

Downloadable TikTok and YouTube Demographic Reports

After successfully testing Instagram reports and recognizing their value for Companion users, we’ve made it possible to explore TikTok and YouTube profiles just as thoroughly. Now you can download full reports for these three platforms in the influencer profile tab.

Sponsored Brand History

We have re-designed the Campaign tab for you to easily review your brand’s history of collaborations with your chosen influencer. It includes their performance of previously posted sponsored content for your brand. This information includes fee ranges, average engagement rates in campaigns, paid posts, and value add content


This update will have a tangible impact for Companion users, as we’ve redesigned one of the major features. We’ve meticulously refined the user journey, reviewed all uncomfortable elements, and improved the process to ensure your experience with Companion is optimized to the fullest. We were guided by our current users, taking their wishes and needs as the driving force behind all these changes.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Companion experience.

More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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