Top Influencer Marketing Tools for Small & Midsized Businesses


May 17, 2023

When planning campaigns, the most common obstacles faced by small and midsized businesses are the lack of resources and expertise. This is where influencer marketing tools come to the rescue!

A quick Google will present a very lengthy list of choices, leaving you to decipher which might be the most appropriate for you; a time-consuming and mind-boggling task.

Many will provide a wide range of features that you simply don’t need, focusing on brands that run huge campaigns with high frequency and a long list of influencers. Also, the pricing of some top-tier services you see on the first page can be intimidating.

In contrast, there are more appropriate influencer marketing tools which focus on the smaller business user, offering flexible prices, contract terms and features designed specifically for your needs.

We have collected a list of niche tools for different marketing goals and activities. Most of them you can use, or at least try, for free!


A handy all-in-one influencer marketing assistant for small and medium-sized businesses that helps decrease resource demands and increase efficiency during your campaigns. It is all you need to start an influencer marketing activity.

The tool is designed to do the work of several additional team members, saving a significant amount of working hours. It automates the most time-consuming parts of the project – influencer search and analysis, brand mentions tracking and creating reports – running them at the highest level.

Companion is created by a global award-winning influencer marketing agency, Billion Dollar Boy, so it is a great chance to use the expertise of the market leaders by paying a minimum.

Prices are flexible, starting from £99/month, and depending on the set of features and the number of influencers you need to track. A 14-day free trial is available.


A well-known platform for collecting and curating user-generated content. It allows you to discover accounts, manage content and brief influencers on your UGC campaigns. The tool can also publish shoppable content from your social media influencers across multiple different marketing channels.

Prices are available on request.

Popular Pays

Basically, it’s a great tool to build a community – connect, collaborate and maintain relationships with creators. Here you can create lists of your favourite influencers, manage them using different tags, and use an automated brief-building solution. If you’re keen on cultivating brand ambassadors, this tool is something you may find useful.

Prices are available on request.


A platform to collaborate with Twitter influencers and monitor brand mentions. It shows you all the essential information about the Twitter page you’re interested in, including its Social Authority rate. Use keywords to search Twitter bios and profiles, compare them and analyse them by dividing the list into segments.

Initially, you can use free access, which gives enough functionality.


A public influencer database focused specifically on YouTube. It works with 33,000 influencers in the background, parsing all their content and assigning them a “Safety Score.”

You can search for influencers, create and manage campaigns, invite creators to participate, message them, etc.

Prices are available on request.


A marketing tool for link-building that goes beyond social media platforms and focuses on influencers who have their own websites. It helps you find suitable voices for your brand and niche, reach out to them and pitch your guest post, product review, or linked mention.

Enter your keywords into the search, find relevant blogs and rank them in order of influencer, domain authority, etc.

Free access with limited functionality is available. From £249 fee for advanced features.


The tool for managing your influencer’s visuals and all marketing assets for brand campaigns. Dash helps you organise, find, share and rate branded content based on its performance. You can combine auto tags with your own custom attributes, such as product lines and marketing campaigns, to manage images and avoid losing files during busy weeks of the campaign.

Dash will help you organise all your assets and easily manage them, saving your team hours and preventing mess.

The prices start at £49 per month. A free trial is available.

Incorporating influencer marketing tools into your strategy will enable you to leverage the power of influencers and maximize the impact of your campaigns, even with limited resources. Utilizing tools from this curated list can be the easiest way to streamline your influencer marketing efforts, save time, and improve overall campaign performance.

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