5 Trends Shaping Influencer Marketing


July 10, 2023

Whether you are an old hand in influencer marketing or new to this field, it’s crucial to be aware of these global trends before launching your campaign. They’ll help you stay in line with the market flow and attract customers.

AI and Technology

Integrating AI and technology into content creation and campaign management will certainly increase audience interest and optimise your workflow.

Since it’s something new and unusual, AI-generated content outperforms human-generated content by key social media metrics. Not to mention AI influencers such as Rozy Gram or Shudu Gram who are absolutely blowing up the market and people’s minds with their social media activity.

Utilize more AI-generated pictures, videos, and texts. Embrace the fact that they were created using artificial intelligence and highlight this unique aspect. If possible, consider creating your own AI influencer to be among the first to tap into this emerging trend.

Leveraging AI-powered tools for influencer search, campaign management and data collection can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of everything you do within influencer marketing. These tools save time, and automate major tasks that would take days to complete for humans, but can be done in a matter of minutes by AI. They can easily find the perfect influencer for you, track their activity during the campaign, collect all branded content and its performance data, and create reports in a couple of clicks.

Simply put, these tools can help you run campaigns at the highest level, even if you have no idea how to do it at all. One tool worth trying is Companion.

Conscious Consumption and Deinfluencing

Basically, it’s no longer acceptable to focus solely on selling without considering the consequences. In today’s world, influencers are passionate about driving positive environmental and mental health changes. Deinfluencing, promoting mindfulness and encouraging conscious consumption have become essential on social media and for society as a whole.

Here are some guidelines for brands to follow:

  • Clearly mark commercial content as “advertisement”, “branded” or “sponsored” content, instead of misleadingly positioning it as recommendations or so.
  • Showcase your brand’s journey towards becoming more sustainable.
  • Highlight the ecological, health, and mental well-being benefits of your product.
  • Prioritize sustainable, and versatile products with longer life spans.
  • Maintain transparency and honesty in all aspects of your brand.

Diversity and Representation in Influencer Marketing

In general, there is a growing emphasis on the value of diversity and representation in society. Consequently, this trend is now evident in influencer marketing as well. It is essential to ensure that all groups are represented in branded campaigns and prioritize inclusivity while eliminating exclusivity in marketing communications.

Follow these principles in your marketing communications:

  1. Contribute to media diversification by working with influencers from different underrepresented groups, regardless of gender, race, age, appearance, or background.
  2. Embrace body positivity, by showcasing a diverse range of individuals in your campaigns, allowing everyone to relate to your content.
  3. Avoid promoting unrealistic appearances, that create false images and unintentionally encourage unhealthy ideals.
  4. Express support for the LGBTQIA+ community through your content, initiatives, and campaigns.

Being Niche and Authentic

Influencers are becoming more specialized and professional. They focus on narrow niches and partner with brands that align with their specific interests. As a result, nano- and micro-influencers have an advantage over creators with massive audiences. They will attract more interest from brands this year.

Basically, it’s time for influencers to choose their authentic style and niche and develop their expertise in it. On the other hand, brands can now easily find the perfect talent, no matter how niche their products are.

By using influencer marketing tools, brands can set detailed filters and find dozens of influencers in their niche within minutes.

What does this mean for brands?

  • Increased chances of finding true brand advocates and building a community.
  • Higher engagement and positive sentiment.
  • Lower influencer fees, resulting in reduced campaign costs.

Instead of focusing on big lifestyle influencers (which was the easiest way for influencer marketing so far) and spending a fortune on targeting less relevant audiences, brands can now reach their perfect customers directly. Higher ROMI is guaranteed!

Long-term Partnership and Ambassadorship

Both brands and influencers are now more interested in establishing lasting relationships rather than one-off campaigns. Long-term projects offer greater efficiency and value for both parties. Mainly because they allow for the creation of a community around the brand, with influencers showcasing their loyalty as customers, and emphasising that the product is worth not just trying but also sticking with.

Considering marketing metrics, long-term relationships outperform one-time campaigns in terms of cost and time efficiency, engagement rates and conversions.

This type of partnership provides brands with several benefits:

  • Minimized influencer search and pitching times for campaigns.
  • Increased contact time with potential customers.
  • Enhanced audience sentiment and customer retention.
  • A robust platform for brand communications at hand.
  • Optimised influencer fees.

To implement a successful influencer marketing strategy, we recommend combining three types of influencer relationships: brand ambassadors and long-term engaged influencers to build a community, and influencers for one-off campaigns to reach new audiences.

To sum up, influencer marketing is an ever-evolving industry that requires constant attention. Staying updated with the latest trends and shifts will ensure success, while neglecting them may lead to falling behind. Follow Companion to stay ahead of the curve!

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