Wimbledon: Social Posts Earn Stars More Than Prize Money


June 30, 2021

Companion’s Benchmark Value (BMV) was used in a recent Times article to appraise the earning power of top tennis stars. We analysed the Instagram accounts of the sport’s top 10 players, with some startling results. Serena Williams, for instance, would net more money from three sponsored posts than the £300,000 prize money awarded for reaching Wimbledon’s quarter-finals.

Jack Malvern, explains: “The tool takes into account not just followers but engagement, rewarding likes and comments. Stefanos Tsitsipas, a Greek competitor, has 200,000 fewer followers than Nick Kyrgios [capable of earning £18,000 per post according to BMV] but is estimated to command £44,000 per post because he regularly generates 100,000 engagements.” The Times, Saturday June 26 2021

The following infographic offers a visual on the predicted earning power of a #ad on Instagram, powered by BMV.

Read the full Times article here.

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