New Discovery Plans Are Now Available


June 28, 2023

We’re constantly developing our influencer discovery functionality to ensure you can find the best influencer for your campaign easily and swiftly, using Companion.

Among the latest updates, we pushed the limits of our discovery tool, so our users could have more or even endless attempts to surf our database. This feature is now included in our new Companion plans! You can give it a test during your 14-day free trial, no matter what tier you choose.

Let us know if none of our plans looks suitable for you. We’re happy to create a bespoke package according to your needs and budget!

How Influencer Discovery Feature Works

In the Companion app, you can search for influencers using advanced filters or AI Visual Match. Both helps you find influencers matching campaign criteria – demographical, behavioural, analytical or visual.

Influencer Search

This feature operates among Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Let’s have a closer look at the criteria you can set here!

  1. Categories and Keywords – if you are looking for influencers who fit a broader category, choose the most relevant option from our predefined dropdown menu (e.g. Healthy Lifestyle or Beauty & Cosmetics). However, if you want to discover influencers active in specific areas, or who are using specific keyword/s in their posts (e.g. Justmarried), begin typing in our free text box, and as you type, suggestions will autopopulate for you to select.

  2. Influencer Portrait. Define Country, City, Gender, Age, and Language. You can also set a requirement on the available contact information, such as email or phone number – Companion will collect this data and show contact details after you add the creator to the My Influencers tab.

  3. Audience Portrait – If you’re targeting a specific audience, choose what percentage you want to be from a specific Country or speak a particular Language, what percentage is male/female, and what Age Categories you prefer. Or, if you have an influencer who you know has the perfect audience for you, pop in their handle and get a list of influencers based on a lookalike audience.

  4. Key Metrics – followers, engagement rate, the average number of views. Depending on your campaign requirements or client’s preferences, set values to find nano, micro, macro or mega influencers. Besides, there is a functionality for Instagram to specify accounts, hashtags or just text that must be mentioned in their last 100 posts. It will help you narrow down the search even more.

AI-Powered Visual Influencer Search

This feature allows you to find influencers based on the aesthetics and content they post. You just need to upload images you like and wait for our AI engine to find influencers with similar posts.

  1. Upload the input image you like, such as a mood board or an image posted by another influencer.
  2. Wait for Companion to search for influencers with similar content.
  3. Get the list of the best-fitted influencers with a preview of their profiles, ER and other details.

Sign up here if you’re up to trying any of these features or getting more information about this or other Companion functionality. We’re happy to jump on a quick call with you and show you everything around.

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