Testing and Tracking Threads Campaigns


September 13, 2023

Threads, a platform on a remarkable growth journey, keeps everyone guessing about its destiny. Despite critics suggesting a waning interest, we believe it’s simply progressing into the next natural phase – attaining full potential and maturity, which takes years for every platform. However, not every platform had that tremendous starting position!

For instance, it took TikTok almost a year to amass about 10 million monthly active users – a number less than half of what Threads achieved in its second month (25 million). So, let’s not be misled by headlines claiming that Threads lost 79% of its initial audience. Even the remaining 21% surpasses what most platforms achieved in their first year.

Companion and Billion Dollar Boy are actively exploring Threads on behalf of brands. To provide a deeper understanding of this platform, we’ve launched a solution within our tool to help brands track Threads campaigns and gauge their effectiveness.

We encourage brands to make light touch tests and begin collaborating with creators on Threads while the platform remains ad-free. Early adopters usually get the best results, and this situation won’t be any different.

Threads users ≠ X users

It’s important to view Threads as a platform with distinct audiences, despite its interface resembling X. The user base is entirely different.

The connection to Instagram attracted users who hadn’t previously signed up for X. They’re now using Threads to take their initial steps in microblogging, setting their own rules and pace.

On the other hand, the ongoing turbulence around X turned Threads into a haven for those who left the “free-speech paradise” but cherished the old Twitter. Additionally, only 45% of the most-followed users on X created Threads accounts; and the rest stayed put.

According to IZEA research, curiosity is the primary motivation for creating a Threads account, while seeking an X alternative is ranking third.

A New Standard of Authenticity and Transparency

Threads was designed to foster meaningful conversations and easy engagement with experts, friends, leaders, and even strangers. Given today’s community dynamics and trends, this functionality can be transformative for brands.

The intimacy and authenticity it cultivates can fortify relationships, thereby boosting engagement for creators’ content and ensuring influencer marketing campaigns. Creators can seamlessly integrate branded content into their live updates, allowing for genuine product placements.

The ‘Auto Status’ feature enables sharing context-specific updates with close friends using location data. Brands can seize this for real-time storytelling, instilling a sense of exclusivity within the influencer’s close-knit community.

The platform streamlines influencer collaborations for brands by providing a space to share real-time ideas and feedback. This, in turn, can lead to more effective marketing campaigns that seamlessly connect with the target audience. Brands can leverage influencers to endorse their products or services, capitalizing on their trust and credibility.

Initiate your brand’s first sponsored content on Threads, by inviting an influencer from your niche to discuss your product with their audience. It could be shared feedback, a question to their followers, a repost of your content with their thoughts, storytelling or anything else that sparks conversation. Ensure they include hashtags and tag your brand account.

A Solution for Tracking Threads Campaigns

With Companion, you can now measure your Threads campaign results and uncover your own data insights from this platform. At present, the tool can capture content created by influencers for your brand and track all key metrics in a real-time.

  1. Create a campaign, adding the influencers you wish to collaborate with.
  2. Set criteria for branded content.
  3. Track progress by accessing the live dashboard and the content.
  4. Download all content with a single click.

Sign up here for a free 14-day trial of this tool

We’ll progressively enhance the functionality of our Threads solution, introducing features like Influencer Discovery Search and Instant Reports. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can assist you further in your Threads campaigns. Please share your thoughts by emailing us at [email protected].

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