Establish Global Measurements for Influencer Campaigns

  • Track all platforms in one place
  • Know if you’re getting good value for money
  • Measure your success across various KPIs
  • Simplify your reporting
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Track Performance

You’ll measure influencer campaigns as rigorously as your other channels.

Real-Time Analytics

Check Live Dashboards to get extensive performance data over in the middle of campaign to be able to make corrections immediately.

Tailored Dashboards

Customizable dashboards track performance at a granular level. See exactly what you need, filter by campaign, platform, etc., and easily compare against other media.

Simplify Reporting

You can use our tools to easily report activity to clients in a beautiful and clear way, saving time and effort in the process.

One-Click Reports

Creating reports is one of the most time-consuming tasks during influencer marketing campaigns. Companion will collect all the campaign data and put it into well-designed Google Slides in 1 minute.

Easy Sharing

Companion reports are downloadable in multiple formats including PDF, with email integration and opportunity to notify other team members.

  • See exactly what you need, not what you don’t
  • Filter by campaign, platform, etc.
  • Easily compare against other media

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