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Save up to 95% of your time with Companion Nano
  • Find perfect influencers using our expansive database and advanced filters
  • Automatically track their content and brand mentions during the campaign
  • Check performance in real-time and get instant reports in one click
  • Instagram (including stories), TikTok, and more
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Share your tasks with Companion Nano

Companion is built by award-winning influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, which has wide experience in dealing with the most time-consuming tasks during influencer marketing campaigns.

Nano Tier is your chance to use our expertise and tools for free on small campaigns with no time limits. 

What is included?

All the main necessary features you need to run your campaign more easily from start to finish.

  • 10 influencer searches with extensive audience demographics and insights.
  • Tracking of up to 5 influencers in live campaigns, with their mentions of your brand shown in a feed-like layout.
  • Live dashboards to check their performance in real-time using up to 50 metrics.
  • Instant campaign reports with awesome design in a Google Slides format.

If the time comes to scale up usage on the platform, you can easily transition to a paid subscription.

How do I sign up?

Contact us by completing our short form, and we will reach out and get you onboarded.

Our specialists will deliver a training session and swiftly guide you through best practices and top tips – then you’re free to reap the benefits of Companion!

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