How Companion Works

From capturing content automatically to benchmarking influencer performance, Companion is the comprehensive tool for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Metrics & Reporting

Use Companion to instantly capture, display and report on influencer metrics from every form of content on Instagram, Youtube, and more.

Example: You launch a campaign on Instagram for sustainable shoes with 5 influencers. They produce content across main feed posts and stories and then clog up your inbox with screenshots of the content. They also send in their metrics which you input one by one into a spreadsheet.

Then you produce graphs or analysis which you email to colleagues. You may also have to transfer these metrics to a presentation document for meetings with colleagues in the wider department.

With Companion, you instead:

  1. View your campaign’s influencer content in your dashboard as soon as it’s published, along with engagement stats. The metrics displayed are personalised by you according to the KPIs your team already uses.
  2. Your influencers self-report their 1st party analytics through Companion, removing the laborious screenshot collection from your inbox.
  3. View campaign data from other platforms too, using the API plugin, so you can view all your campaign data from multiple places on Companion, saving time on analysis.
  4. As a bonus extra service, access detailed reports and learnings from our experienced Customer Success team.

Internal Reporting To Stakeholders

Companion is designed for presenting your hard work to colleagues and senior stakeholders to secure buy-in and recognition for your successes.

Example: Your wider Influence and Social team are having their quarterly review, and the Director of Marketing will be present. It’s only the second year you’ve put real budget into influencer campaigns and you’d like to show your successful growth and secure buy-in for the next year.

Normally you’d comb spreadsheets for the KPIs and transfer to a powerpoint presentation. You also take screenshots of your best performing content and copy and paste into the slides.

With Companion you instead:

  1. Use the campaign feed to present your influencer content for each campaign.
  2. Use your customised dashboard to present the metrics which your business cares about.
  3. You also choose to integrate other third party analytics to this dashboard to give extra data on channel performance, all without having to leave the Companion tool.
  4. Because you’re using Companion’s modern interface, you spend zero time on designing a presentation or graph presentation.
  5. And when your stakeholders have spur of the moment questions, you can delve into the data with a flick of a button, avoiding trawling through a spreadsheet or booting up more software.

External Reporting To Clients

Companion was made by influencer marketers to report on campaigns to our clients, it’s what we do best.

Example: You need to submit weekly reports to land on the client’s desk for 9am on Monday, which usually means collating figures late on a Friday. You chase influencers to submit screenshots of their Instagram Insights, type out each statistic into a spreadsheet and email to the client along with images of activity or top comments which you’ve painstakingly screenshotted.

With Companion you instead:

  1. Access the campaign feed which has automatically compiled all the content relevant to your campaign.
  2. View the data influencers have already uploaded to the tool and the topline data on your dashboard customised to the metrics which matter to you.
  3. Export the report to a CSV and submit to the client in their favoured form.
  4. Go to the pub because it’s Friday.
Are you paying a fair rate for your influencers? With Companion, you can judge the true value of each influencer by benchmarking them with our proprietary metrics.

You want to measure the value of your 2020’s Valentine’s Day campaign. How can you put a dollar figure on the success of an influencer’s post? Last year you compared the reach of your influencers with your reach in your print media campaigns, but you know that they’re not truly equivalent stats and they don’t tell you if they performed above industry average.

With Companion, you instead:
  1. Go to your campaign analytics dashboard which you’ve tailored to track only the metrics that you care about.
  2. View the Benchmark Value (BMV) of each of your influencer posts. This is a metric only available to Companion users.
  3. You compare the Benchmark Value with the cost of the influencer post to gauge whether your influencer content has achieved above-benchmark engagement.For example, you spent $400 on an influencer’s post, but the Benchmark Value looks at the follower count and engagement and gives you a value for that post at $1000.That $1000 is what the industry usually has to spend to get the reach that you spent $400 on.
  4. Now you know the precise value of your campaign.

Influencer Relationship Management

Companion acts as your influencer CRM to help you manage your influencers long term. You can store information such as payment terms, facts like shoe size, and how posts have performed.

Example: You are running a campaign to promote a new tennis shoe in Singapore, London, and Dubai and you want to send a pair as a gift to an influencer in each country. But first you usually have to email each one to ask for shoe size and address. You then realise that different colleagues have agreed very different rates for your influencers because they couldn’t share the knowledge internally.

You have to send a lot of emails to colleagues to confirm rates and chase the influencers for their personal info, and it takes several days simply to get shoes to each person.

With Companion you instead:

  1. Go to each influencer’s profile on Companion and view their personal information which is already there from when they were first onboarded.
  2. Review payment terms inputted by colleagues from when they used the influencer for a different campaign last year.
  3. Read a comment from a colleague that the influencer in Singapore can be difficult to reach by email so a follow up phone call is a good idea.
  4. Armed with their shoe size, address, and payment terms you confirm the campaign logistics in just one phone call.

Influencer Content Capture

When an influencer makes a post about your brand, you want to know about it and you want to save it. Companion takes care of this.

Example: You’ve organised a big campaign across your EMEA territories with content coming from influencers in several timezones, in every format that Instagram does. Normally, you’d request screenshots to confirm that the influencers have fulfilled their obligations, but you also need to monitor their feeds in case they produce extra content as a value add.

With Companion, you instead:

  1. Open Companion, create a campaign feed according to your brand’s hashtag.
  2. View every piece of content in the feed, enabling you to view who’s posted what and when. That’s it!

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